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About Me

  • My mission is to create happiness

  • I spent the past five years working in the Jewish non-profit world

  • I started as a coordinator and worked my way up to a Senior Director

  • I believe that hard work, dedication, and goals can get you anywhere

  • I was born in Columbia, South Carolina, raised in Augusta, Georgia, have been in the Atlanta area for 10 years, and spent a brief (thanks COVID) year in the DC area 

  • I love to travel

  • I love animals and wanted to be an animal trainer growing up

  • I love summer camp

  • I'm scared of heights, but try to put myself in situations to get over (ie. sky diving, hanging from trees, standing on cliffs, zip lining) 

  • I recently bought a house with my husband (also newly married in March 2021)

  • I just started an Instagram page featuring home decor and design

  • I have one dog (Duncan) and one cat (Simba)

  • I love being a manager and mentor

  • I love professional development

  • I am very good at multi-tasking and time management

  • I have always been the artsy one in my family

  • I started dancing when I was five until the time I graduated high school, I got into photography in high school, and now I’m using my creative mind in social media and marketing

  • I love creating websites and logos

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